Athens Benchmark
Industrial design competition
Title: Let's go benching!   Location: Athens, Greece  Design date: March 2010   Client: The Municipality of Athens
Architect: Katerina Petsiou

The competition was organized by "The World of Athens" together with the City of Athens, united in the effort to change the benches of Athens and help improve city life. Let's go Benching, is the motto for a peaceful occupation of the public space. It is an invitation for the re-purposing of the urban furniture in the way that it suits us more...We propose an urban chair which can either stand independently or in several groups, just like us! Our intention was to design a piece with the least possible "visual impact" and various possibilities of use. Moreover is reminiscent of a strong graphic pattern of classical Greece, the meander. The material used for the grid and the frame is either corten steel or aluminum, materials that are resistant, fully recyclable, recognizable, clean and can be easily incorporated to the Athenian urban environment. The dimensions of the chair aim for the maximum comfort for adults and kids, while it is possible to place the chair at both parks and squares such as in bus stops, pedestrian streets etc.


Katerina Petsiou - Architect / tel: +30 6973245853 / email: [email protected]