Piraeus Tower "changing the face"
Change of use/ Competition
Project title: A tale-based future Height: 84m   Location: Piraeus, Greece   Design date: April 2010
Client: Greekarchitects.gr   Architects: Katerina Petsiou

In the highly urbanized landscape of the port of Piraeus, the sea fails to be perceived because of a "river" of cars and concrete, and even ships look like huge reflections of the built environment. There stands the Piraeus tower, the sleeping giant as they call it, abandoned for more than 30 years. ''... during the years, the sleeping giant got wrapped by dense vegetation while dew drops sat on the spider's tissues woven around him...'' That's the way we imagined the tower's past and mapped its future shell. In our proposal, we wanted to break the seafront's monotony in a rather drastic way. We tried to inject the natural element in Piraeus, such as the green and the sea. We wanted to create a small hill, opponent to the hills of the Athenian landscape. A kind of a vertical park, while at the same time imprinting on the glass surface - display for passersby - the sea, the sky, the ceaseless change of the city and the port scenery. In the evening hours, when the office lights are off, it's revealed what once was the skeleton, the "heart" of the giant...

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