Redevelopment of Machis-analaton square
Project title: Vivid Stripes   Site area: 2,230m2   Location: Athens, Greece   Design date: 2011   Client: Ecoweek 2011
the Municipality of Athens   Workshop leaders: Katerina Petsiou, architect, Thanasis Polyzoidis, architect
Workshop team: Pinelopi Kallini, student, Spiros Sounas, student, Eleni Spyropoulou, forest engineer

This case study is about Machis analaton Square, located at the boundaries of Municipality of Athens in Neos Kosmos. The "stripe" is used as the basic component of the design giving rhythm, dynamic and geometric character in the composition, mixing softscapes, hardscapes and organizing collective uses.
The ecological approach focuses on strategies regarding materials and hardscape finishings, introducing cool materials. Discarded material from the excavations is recycled and reused (gabion benches). We propose lighting systems of low energy consumption such as Led systems, in combination with photovoltaic panels.
Regarding the green systems and the vegetation, we upgrade and enhance the existing trees, and we plant new trees in alignment such as deciduous and evergreen trees in areas that lack of shadow. We apply climbing plants in the buildings' facades and in parts of the existing infrastructure system.
We take landscape ecology into account, such as the application of dry native systems, the grouping of species depending on water demands, with special care to enhance and upgrade the local biodiversity. We apply vegetation systems that encourage the collective activities and harvesting processes such as lemon trees and dry communal aromatic gardens.
Concerning the water management and the water features, we take into account the ecological treatment of water, such as rainwater and grey water collection in underground basins while using dry species with low irrigation demands. We prefer interactive water features such as water streams that constitute an element of bioclimatic character as well as a playground and soundscape element.
In connection with social sustainability and new uses, the new spatial arrangement is divided in three collective spaces: the urban character of the square is accentuated in the north side overlooking the street, while in the center we promote activities that reinforce the collective character and self management such as communal dry aromatic gardens or new uses for discarded materials. We also promote ecological consciousness in the Eco-point, informing people about recycling and composting methods.

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