4-storey apartment building
Total surface: 450m22   Location: Volos, Greece   Design/Completion date: 2007-2009   Client: private
Architects: Katerina Petsiou   Structural engineer: Antonios Petsios   Site supervision: Antonios Petsios, Katerina Petsiou  

In a long and narrow site with an 8 meters face to the street, a 4-storey apartment block is created. The main elevation formed with rigid parapets, provides the large balconies with privacy and sound protection from the busy street. It accommodates 3 different typologies, 2 small flats at the first floor and 3 flats of 100m2 at the upper three floors. The atrium created for the ventilation of the communal staircase, comprises the core of the dwellings. The green striking color of the interior atrium contrasts the dark shades of the finishes, creating a strong but welcoming effect at the building's entrance. It serves both for illumination and ventilation during the summer months, providing at the same time a small protected garden at the heart of the apartment.

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