Redevelopment of Faliro's maritime zone
Urban design Competition
Project title: UpsideDown   Site area: 1,5ha Kavala   Location: Kavala, Greece   Design date: March - April 2008
Client: The Municipality of Kavala  Architect: Katerina Petsiou, Maria Auxentiou  

Our goal for the redevelopment of the Faliro's maritime zone is the connection between the parts of the city kept separated at the present state because of the busy crossroad. We organize the traffic flow by introducing a roundabout, we create pedestrian connections and new urban spaces. A new urban space under the street level is proposed.
A stepped path from the first level leads to the sea level through a sunken garden. At the street level, a "belvedere" is created while at the water level, the new peer provides the summer and winter swimmers with new facilities. A new promenade runs across the site next to the water, connecting the west part of the city and the existing seaside park at the east.

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