Redevelopment of Nikotsara square
Urban design Competition
Project title: UpsideDown   Site area: 0,7ha   Location:Kavala, Greece   Design date: March - April 2008
Client: The Municipality of Kavala  Architect: Katerina Petsiou, Maria Auxentiou  

Our goal for the redevelopment of Nikotsaras square is to make the site easily accessible for the pedestrians, reducing car presence by simple traffic arrangements and unifying visually the place with coble stone pavements. The creation of a hanging promenade across the aqueduct introduces a new feature and visiting pole for the city, connecting the area with the hill of the old neighborhood. An urban garden slightly below the street level is created, with softscape finishes under the shadow of the old aqueduct. A thin water line starting from the upper level of the square runs to its center ending to a small fountain.

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