Rehabilitation of an old farmhouse and transformation to a small hotel in Sifnos
Rehabilitation/ Change of use
Site Area: 510m2   Surface: 250m2   Location: Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece   Design date: September 2016 – November 2016
Client: Private   Architects: Katerina Petsiou, Zoe Gozadinou

In a picturesque village in the island of Sifnos, an old traditional farmhouse is restored and transformed into a small hotel. The idea is to preserve the original organization of the dwellings around a common terrace, making changes where necessary in order to create comfortable spaces for the visitors. Six individual dwellings are created, able to host from two, up to six visitors. Every dwelling has its private terrace, whereas in the common terrace the old threshing floor is preserved and a small swimming pool in the place of the old water tank is created.

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