Refurbishment of levels +1, +2 of the Wirecard Athens' offices
Area: 400m2  Location: Athens, Greece   Design / Completion date: April - June 2017   Client: Wirecard Greece
Architects: Katerina Petsiou, Georgia Nikolakopoulou, Spiros Kakavas   Graphic Design: Christina Petsiou

The client, a multinational software and IT company, sought to accommodate their offices at two levels, in order to meet with their growing needs, creating private workplaces, meeting spaces and a rest area. At the same time, it was important to shape a special image for their Athens' branch, while promoting the company's identity. The architectural restrictions were that the flooring, the ceilings
or any other existing construction in both floors couldn't be altered and that the budget couldn't exceed 100euros/m2. A common visual identity is created for both floors, using the colors of Wirecard's logo (orange and blue) for the walls or furniture. The graphic pattern conceived after the company's logo, forms a world map at the entrance level. Light glass panels are placed in order to separate the workspaces and yet guarantee natural light for every office. The same graphic pattern is applied on the glass partitions, either unifying spaces or creating privacy where needed. The rest area is conceived as a new public space, aiming to join the inside with the outside, creating the sense of a veranda, an open-space element so characteristic in Greece. It is organized so as to host everyday needs of the employees, such as coffee and lunch breaks, encouraging communication and interaction, able to host informal meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. Orange and pastel hues are used for the furniture and the graphic pattern. Indoor plants are placed around the space, helping to maintain indoor air-quality standards, also encouraging the employees to participate to their growth, thus engaging with their workplace.

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