Study for the re-purposing of a 6-storey parking building to an office building with parking space
Change of use
Area: 900m 2   Location: Volos, Greece   Design date: March 2011   Client: private   Architects: Katerina Petsiou

We propose a new facade which reflects the new use of the building, while at the same time it enhances its bio-climatic performance. We remove the rigid parapets of the balconies and we attach a frame of metallic rotating louvers for sun protection and adequate ventilation and cooling. The balconies are planted with bamboo trees to facilitate air filtration.
The parking area is covered with industrial coating in orange color to give a sense of cleanliness while emphasizing the brand name of the parking's company.
The facade of the ground floor and the first floor are covered by a lightweight metal grid on which climbing plants grow, contributing to sun protection and changing the micro climate of the street outside the building.

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