Residential complex /
17 independent houses in a traditional settlement and remodeling of the surrounding area

Total surface: 1460m2   Site area: 4 ha   Location: Pelion, Greece   Design/Completion date: 2010-2013
Client: private   Architects: Giorgos Klimis, Katerina Petsiou   Structural engineer: Andreas Routsias, Antonios Petsios  
Site supervision: Andreas Routsias, Giorgos Klimis, Katerina Petsiou   Landscape architecture: Katerina Petsiou  
Landscape supervision: Stelina Tsiantou

In a 4 hectares site by the sea, 17 dwellings are created, organized in detached and semidetached volumes oriented towards the sea. The dwellings have different typologies, able to host various lifestyles, providing views and privacy at the same time. Big pergolas offer protection from the sun and most of the volumes are clad with local stone, enhancing their bioclimatic performance while blending in with the landscape. The residential complex respects the traditional architecture, reinterpreting features and materials, while hosting contemporary households. The large main yard provides a privileged public space to the inhabitants. A smooth paved path runs across gardens of endemic and succulent species, connecting every different dwelling and leading to the beach.

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