5-storey apartment building
Total surface: 660m2   Location: Volos, Greece   Design/Completion: 2010-2011   Client: private   Architects: Giorgos
Klimis, Katerina Petsiou   Structural engineer: Andreas Routsias, Antonios Petsios   Site supervision: Andreas Routsias,
Giorgos Klimis, Katerina Petsiou  

In a corner site with a peculiar plan, a 5-storey apartment block is created. It accommodates 6 different typologies, reflected to the building's morphology. The strong geometric volumes accentuate the corner of the city block. Big, free hanging balconies of exposed concrete accessed from the living rooms and kitchens, offer the possibility for outdoor life to the inhabitants. The bedrooms are located in the rear of the building for privacy and protection from the noise. The green striking color of the last floor's cube-structure provides the area with a landmark, while offering a sense of identity to the inhabitants.

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