Urban design Competition
Project title: Metamorphosis Neighborhood   Site area: 5600m2   Location: Volos, Greece   Design date: January 2014
Client: EAXA (Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens and Reconstructions S.A.) the Municipality of Volos  
Architect: Katerina Petsiou

The brief called for the selection of a group of four typical blocks with degraded urban environment in the city of Volos and the creation of a large new urban space in the intersection of the streets. The project Metamorphosis aims to reactivate the neighborhood, by introducing collective activities based on the cultivation of urban patches along the crossroad.
Project's structural layers.
The project enhances the environmental and aesthetic upgrade of the new public space with the use of bio climatic floor materials, the use of new vegetation systems, whereas solar panels and small wind turbines are placed on the rooftops and green facades are attached to the old buildings' faces. At the same time, taking advantage of the abandoned building stock, new uses for the neighborhood are proposed while new pop up spaces emerge, aiming to reactivate old professions once flourishing in the neighborhood.

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